There's the good and there's the bad, but overall, if you own a DS and are into RPGs, you will enjoy this game.

User Rating: 8.6 | Final Fantasy III DS
Things I liked:
- the music (it gets better in the second half of the game)
- the diverse variety of classes
- the graphics (very pleasing to the eye...comparable to MPH and Mario Hoops)

Things I didn't like:
- complete lack of save points (I quicksaved SO much)
- mandatory use of Wifi to get the lvl99 job items
- how the game's difficulty jumps through the roof in the final dungeon and especially in the case of the final boss

Also, just to note, the game lagged a bit during combat. It's nothing too noticeable, but when I was grinding, I'd always notice it and I'm sure the seconds added up.

Overall though, the game is great. It was fun (until the end hehe). Just remember to save early and often (when you can). And be AT LEAST lvl60 for the final boss, 51-53 for the Crystal Tower.