A journey through a Chocobo world can be fun but there should have been more Mini games on the Final Fantasy series.

User Rating: 8.9 | Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon DS
Chocobos have apearpped in alot of Final Fantasy games over the past years now The Chocobo's have there own game.
You play as a Chocobo and you live on a chocobo farm with your best friend Shirma(Female White Mage) and Croma(Male Black Mage). But one day Croma finds a strange book which has mysterious book from his lates journey. Without notice the book has a dark powers and it sucks every chocobo into the magical pages of the wickked book. But the book was the Dark Master Bebuzzu. So its upto you save your friends and bum into strange people like Irma, The Jailbirds, Greeble and Peekaboo and Volg.
The main game play your useing the tourch screen to move around, and there are picture pop up books that are levels, but there all fairy tales but in Final Fantasy form like The Boy who cried Levitian or The Adanmatorise and the Cactar. The mini games are fun kinda like the mini games on Mario Bros you can blow into the microphone aswell. In the game there are also card battles when theres a boss battle you can create your own deck of cards and useing the tourch screen to choose a card yu want to use, cards have strounger attacks if you have the right magic crsytals on the left screen. The graphics are brillient for a DS they look great and the sounding and classic music from the Chocobo themes and FF games.
It is worth getting if your a Final Fantasy fan if you enjoy playing the series.