A charming game for those who enjoy repetitive tasks. Pretty graphics are a nice touch. Characters are not

User Rating: 6 | Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Chiisana Ousama to Yakusoku no Kuni WII
FFCC: My life as a king is a charming game, filled with bright colours, beautiful architecture, and mindless chores.
When you first start the game you, as usual, have to sit through a cinema scene, it details why you are in the kingdom, and talks of a bit of the history of the game, and you acquire a new, and important, skill called Architek. That's all very well and good.. but, shouldn't there be some voice acting? The way the gaming world has been going lately, there is always plenty of voice acting in games, however, there is none at all in FFCC: My life as a king. Though I must admit, I was disheartened by that discovery, I continued playing. As it begins, you are a young king trying to rebuild your land, with your chancellor, Chime, at your side. You use the power of Architek to, and this may come as a surprise, build houses, and other buildings.
As you start out, the only information given to you is "Step on the green square and see what your ability does", you do so, and lo-and-behold, you can build houses, you run around town placing houses where ever you wish, without direction.. because you were not given any instructions. Eventually, once you've build a few houses; you get a cut scene stating that you need Elementite in order to continue building. Well, that's a relief, since now you finally have a clear goal, "Go get more Elementite". However, since you are the king, you are not allowed to go into battle, so you hire adventurers.. Now, some of you may think that it's okay that you can't battle, because maybe you get to go into battle as the adventurers and have some random NPC-slaying fun... No such luck. You don't even get to see the battles, let alone take part. All you get are reports every day, stating what happened.
When you do finally have a bustling city, it will be filled with many different races, and you can get different adventurers and classes for the latter.
However, everyone looks the same.. the uses the same stock graphics for all the towns people, you will have a bit of diversity between the sexes, and the races, but other than that, the most you can count on is that maybe a character will have a different hair colour.
Throughout the game you get a severe lack of direction, and you must complete goals in order to even learn how to progress in the game. And even the information you get when you have progressed, is very limited.
It is a fun game if you just wish to run around, talking to villagers, and building the occasional building.
I would not discourage people to play it; however, I would not recommend it to anyone who was not in love with the idea of time management games.
As far as city building Sims go, this one is not the worst I have played. And it does deserve a fair rating.

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