Enthralling RPG Sim - Best in the Crystal Chronicles series

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Chiisana Ousama to Yakusoku no Kuni WII
I was hooked within the first half-hour. A good story line (which picks up the Crystal Chronicles story) and interesting characters with in-depth notes about each make this an unexpectedly deep and engaging RPG/Sim. I've never played anything like it. The graphics are better than I had anticipated. The one flaw: overpriced downloadable add-ons [at least 100 Wii points for an outfit for the king with no advantages to having it (that I know of).] The game costs 1500 Wii points and the downloadable content already exceeds well over 1000 Wii points making this a $25+ game. So much for passing the savings on to the consumer, huh? I had hoped that WiiWare titles would bring cheap back since there are no production costs as far as discs and packaging and shipping costs getting the games to the store and in-store advertisements and print-ads are concerned.