Tough game without the DLC

User Rating: 7.5 | Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Hikari to Yami no Himegimi to Sekai Seifuku no Tou WII
I really liked the premise of My Life as a Darklord. Unfortunately the game can't sustain its weight the further in you get.

I loved the graphics, they borrowed straight from the big head, little body look of early Final Fantasy. You place your choice of floors to create a tower of terror which the approaching heroes must ascend. Populate it with monsters from FF to try to beat the stuffing out of these heroes before they reach the top.

The first chapter or so of the game was really enjoyable. Even though you unlock new floors and monsters, the game quickly gets surprisingly difficult. Unlike some of the reviews I've seen, I would recommend getting the downloadable content so that you get to see some of the best monsters in the game. Also, you'll need these new baddies and some new spells to effectively face the increasing difficulty.

Although the game concept and play is very polished, the fact that this was designed to require you to pay for additional DLC mars the joy for me. It is worth playing, but if you don't shell out the extra moolah, you'll be stuck playing levels 20 or more times trying to unlock your monster's next level. That gets old quick.