Instead of Button Mashing this is Analog Mashing!!!

User Rating: 2.5 | Fight Night Round 4 X360
The Good :

Fighters look good and it has a decent roster. Thats IT

The Bad:

Total Punch Control is a joke. Its not good, The idea sucked last time around and continues to just get worse. This doesnt make the game any more realistic at all. More like an arcade game. No option to use buttons! Really what is the difference between taking an analog stick and moving it a million times and hitting buttons. Its still button mashing

There is no focus on boxing in this game. Its as simply as move the analog stick in all directions and hope to land a shot on your opponent. No point of bothering to defend yourself beacuse the boxer's strength doesnt seem to disappear like it should as the heavyweights are throwing 100s of punches around.

NEW YORK ARENA LOL THey couldnt even get the rights to MSG, yet UFC has it on their game though they dont fight there.

MINI GAME TRAINING Over complicated and you might as well just do auto train.

Final Thoughts Best Boxing game by EA Sports was Knockout Kings 2001. That was a game where u could actually BOX. No senseless moving stupid analogs all over the place. You could use strategy. Fight Night Round 4 is a disaster, and people just kiss its ass cause everybody is afraid of the big bad EA sports. EA SPORTS only good game is NHL but it never gets the credit it deserves.