looks great ........

User Rating: 3 | Fight Night Round 4 X360
just as my breif description at the beginning the gamer graphics are great and a joy to watch, thats it for the goods of the game and its really hard to pick another.

to state the worst is almost endless even when i was soo looking forward to this game and couldnt wait for the release, i didnt even wait too read reviews for the game i brought it straight away. the taking away of the buttons to separate button mashers for experts, i get the idea and though it would be great yet it failed and failed hard. now you can jst fling the stick and throw 100's of punches within seconds and no real strategy to it, and the fact when i throw 100 punches and the dude is still standing with no cuts and little to no bruises. im sorry i throw and received punches in real life and i get cuts and bruises from one or two punches, or a headbutt in the game does nothin come on its a headbutt there should be blood everywhere.
the in-game training games for the GOAT is terrible i gave up on that crap straight out, its easier to do auto-train. For the training games that you can do well like sparring and that dodgeing the bag game i seem to never get large points anyway i get bigger amount of points when auto train, so really where is the throught process in that you noe.

in overall i could continue to write all the bads for the game but you wouldnt read them anyway(not that anyway going to read this review anyway lolololol) but save your money and buy FN3 much better game and more choices n challenges too come with it.

thank you and good bye