Excellent boxing game! Great sequel to FNR 3.

User Rating: 8.5 | Fight Night Round 4 X360
If you are a boxing fan I will urge you to buy FNR4. It has great visuals,fun gameplay,exciting etc.. All that I don't like is the mini-games. It tends to get difficult and is very frustrating. There are a big variety of boxers including legends as Mike Tyson and Ali,I geuss you already knew that anyway. Each boxer has their own style. Now this makes the game interesting and very realistic. The legacy mode is probraly the best thing FNR 4 has to offer. The idea of this is to choose a boxer ( or create one ) and use them to climb the ranks and become the greatest of all time. Between the rounds your trainer will award you with points. The idea of the points is to use them to improve your boxers health,stamina and damage. You will be awarded with points based on how well you fought in the ring the previous round. You will get points by getting knockouts,getting a 70% hit ratio etc,putting him in the "stunned" situation etc. All in all if you love boxing,buy FNR 4. If you didn't already I cannot understand why not..