If your a fan of boxing you'll love this game. If your not well...you'll still like it!

User Rating: 8.5 | Fight Night Round 4 X360
I first thought this game sucked because of the demo, but when i actually bought the game it grew on to me and now i can't stop playing.

Story 7.5: There is no story really haha. But there is a story like mode called Legacy. You create a character and use him to raise your rank on the top fighters. You can raise your boxers stats by doing training games. Btw the training games SUCK. The best thing to do is just auto train. You just keep fighting people untill you finally get a shot at the title for your division. I think legacy mode should have had a bit more depth but overall its pretty fun.

Online 7.5 : The online is pretty nice. Nothing to complicated, pick a boxer and fight someone who has this game. A nice addiction though is championship mode. In championship mode you pick your created boxer and put him into a division ( Middleweight, Light Heavyweight, Heavyweight ). You than go up against other created fighters until you finally get a shot at whoever holds the belt. Thing is though its pretty hard to actually get to the top 10. So you will be spending a lot of time on this.

Graphics 9.0: The graphics on this game are absolutely amazing! You see sweat, nasty cuts, blood and every you would imagine from a real boxing game.

Gameplay 8.0: The gameplay has changed this year for fight night round 4. In my opinion it actually is a good change. You use the right analog stick to hit. You only use the buttons for a illegal blow or to push your oppenent away or to do your signature punch or to grab him so that you can get back stamina. They should though allow people who don't like this method of hitting to use the buttons. One complaint though is that game focuses to much on the counter punching than just normal boxing. This is good for people who have good timing and are excellent at counter punching but it just doesn't work for me. I also do not like the healing system. You gain points for hits,accuracy, and how well you defend yourself. You than use the points to either raise your stamina, health, or cuts. I find this cheap. i personally would have liked to do the healing my self, like how fight night round 3 allowed me to do.

Overall: 8.5

Boxing fan or not this game is a really nice add on to your collection.