buy fnr3 it better and cheaper.

User Rating: 6.5 | Fight Night Round 4 X360
im writing this to help lower the score and save peoples money.
i loved fnr3 and was buzzing about this. but im gona go trade this in for fnr3. as you can probably tell from the other reviews it has some serious imbalances. mainly after u get to about 10th ranking the game stalls cuz you just cant train your boxer to there level. the training games are S~@t, boring and annoyingly difficult. to the point where you are better of auto trainin to be honest, even the ones that are do able (sparring) maze bag amd the swingin bag thing.its just not worth the bordem.
i thought i now il not fight for ages and get lots of training in. but no, you can only train 3 times in a row. so by the time your boxer is good enough to move up he`s practically and grandad and your bored to death of fighting 10 round fights.
also the counter punch thing is way off. you can batter your apponent and peper him with landed shots all day and you will be worse of than him cuz he only landed 3 counters and they stunned/ko you all the time. thats regardless if you have a tuff head rating. he`ll get say 32 points,for various things like, big bounes for scoring 70% acuracy on all 10 shots he threw! while you get 24 points for landing punchs on him 50+ times . hands up who thinks thats fair or makes sense? also you think if you where puching some one in the head 500 times they might be cut up? hardly a scratch.
the controls are also worse than fnr3 to me, in that i new excatly what i was throwing no probs. this the punch modifyer as they call it doesnt decifer between low punch and high puch so easly so it throws a low when you wanna go higher ect...
this is probs the last ea game i will ever by. most wanted and round 3 are the only things they av got rite in years.
ps im not into futy games so wont judge fifa. tho pro evo is better :-)