One of the best games in my collection!!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Fight Night Round 3 PS3
Fight night round 3 is an great game and one of the few true next-generation games out there that delivers well on every degree. The learning curve is not that kinda hard but there are easier configurations. The only learning curve is learning how to be a good boxer by knowing when to strike, block, clinch and the accessional cheap shot. It can get difficult but you can adjust the levels. The comentary is very nice and crisp and adds to the whole illusion of a real boxing match. The comentary can get a little repetiative like saying the same line for many of the boxers. The online is very well arranged, where you have the choice to play against people with similiar skill. It is real fun to play it with a friend, and the challenge can get very intense in that matter!!! So my advise to every PS3 gamer is to get this game without any hesitation, and believe me you wont regret your purchase!