As good as a boxing game can get

User Rating: 9.5 | Fight Night Round 3 PS3
Fight Night is one of the few EA games I like

The Good: Great graphics. This game is much more realistic because in previous versions your boxer could be 75 and still be a monster but in this one your boxer might be a monster at the start and be a twig at the end. Great lenght not too short and doesn't drag on. Creat a boxer is fun and detailed and can also help improve your boxer. There's not as much in your face advertising unlike other EA games. The rivalry system works well but for some reason there easier than all the other boxers. Difficulty settings thank god. The commentators will change their dialogue if your a champion or if your an ageing boxer. A good rating system that tells you how good you are such as local celeb or world class. In previous versions the first boxers would be complete dummies but in the next fight they would be almost unbeatable but in this there's a slow incline off difficulty. Good but slightly easy training minigames. If you get tired of the campaign there's plenty more to do.

The Bad: Very annoying and repetitive commentators. There are a huge amount of bugs in this game. Get in the ring doesn't quite work. You'll hear the same song a million times. Pretty frequent and long loading times.

There's not much bad here and it's cheaper than some of it's other PS3 companions si it deffinetly warrants a purchase