There's definitely a difference in the PS3 version vs. it's PS2 counterpart!

User Rating: 9.2 | Fight Night Round 3 PS3
This is definitely a HUGE step up from the arcadish-stylings of Fight Night 2. That game nearly kept me from buying this one. The 1st-person option drew me to it. Coming from a boxing & fighting background (yes, there IS LIFE away from the consoles & internet!!! LMAO), the realism of that mode w/ a handheld controller is magnificent. It's also the hardest to figure, due to having to learn the head-on timing (much like real boxing). However, when you master that mode, you've mastered the rest of the game, for it makes your senses sharper in the 3rd person. The game does become almost drastically easier. The graphics on this are amazing. True indeed, there' no difference between this version & the XBox360 version, graphic-wise. But, the "Get In The Ring" mode truly sets it apart from any versions of this game. If there's a true pugalist in you, then you'll jump all over this game, if you haven't already. It's still clearly the best game on the PS3.