Outstandingly awesome and so much content for £8.

Really fun, really well designed and really cheap is what good games aim for. It is also exactly what this game achieved.

The way this game was designed is a lesson on game design and a schooling for many uninspired games that release today. It has been worked on for over 2 years and yet, as I have said before, only cost's £8.

The masterpiece that is Dungeon Defenders cannot be ignored and with its revolutionary concept, it is the only 'Tower defence-RPG-Hack 'n' Slash-Action, Shooter-Third person' game that I have seen, it destroys any game that I can think of today.

There is no way that you can find more content for £8 and the game play is addictive and outstandingly fun. If you are looking for value for money, supporting the industry or just a great game, you need look no further than Dungeon Defenders.