Hey look a boss! Hey look a boss! Cool, a boss! That was easy. HEY LOOK A BOSS! Another boss IM TIRED OF BOSSES!!!!!!!!!

This is the most persistant game ever! (Disincluding the legend of zelda orcarina of time and sponge bob squarepants Creature From The Krusty Krab) All you ever do in every mission is fight a boss, chase the boss, save some random people you don't know, race, chase a boss, fight him, save people GOSH, DON'T YOU THINK BEING A SUPER HERO WOULD BE FUNNER! Now, this is a great game beside the fact of what i said above. Playing as venom is freaking awsome, and don't get me wrong, the bosses are a great experience for any gamer but just about every mission has a chase, then another freakin' boss battle.