Never thought that offroad racing could be this much fun

Starting from the way the game looks and ending with the sounds in the game, everything creates a perfect match. The graphics are just mind blowing, seeing the mod getting on your tires and on the body of the car, the dust and mud getting on your screen combined with the six axis controller really manages to give you the feeling that you are really driving that car, truck, atv or bike. As you hit the walls, rocks or other players your car is getting wrecked, pieces of your car's body just flying and wheels that are starting to move funny after a while. Another great thing about the game is that you get to see how you car's body acts when you take a corner or landing after a jump. Playing the game with the six axis motion sensor enabled the game can be very fun. The only thing that I don't like about this game is that the cars are pretty dificult to handle. As an overall impression about this game: the most fun and entertaining offroad driving game i've ever played, somehow this game kinda reminds me of Mad Max movies