I may never say this again, but can a sequel really be this good?

Being a Banjo-Kazooie fan ever since i first played Diddy Kong Racing on the N64 I fell in love with the cuddly brown bear and the sqwaking red breegull. For this review I will try my best to compare it to the first of the series Banjo-Kazooie.

The gameplay as most can tell is a lot different. Things have changed in BK world and for the most part its for the better. The land has grown past the barriers that surrounded your house and a new, yet somehow similar land is ready to be explored. Each level seems to be very open ended allowing you to pass between worlds through different instances, making this game a headache, but a good headache. Things that you would normally pick up one at a time has now been grouped up into nests making things easier to find (in my opinon one of the only dislikes i have towards the game). New moves have been added onto the new ones making gameplay more challenging, while also keeping all of the old moves the same. Overall this game has been improved since the last one.

The graphics are an upgrade as well, it might not looks to advaced to some, but for the people who have play BK for a long time will notice. Banjo looks fuzzier in my opinon and Kazooie also has a feathery upgrade. Cut scenes are now throughout the game as well and I do have to say Mumbo looks younger.

Sound quality had all of the effect pretty much stay the same, usually not good for games to do something like that, but when they add new sounds like trains, grunts, and dinosaur roars it makes the speakers on your televison seem kind of bored. The music on the other hand is much more catchy and has a different feel to each one.

Multiplayer makes this game also more fun for families of more than one person wanting to play this quirky platformer. It gives it more of a different feel making one believe that this is no longer BT but something different.

Controls in this game have stayed the same which I always had hoped for in a sequel but never had my wish granted. Looking back on this game i cannot wait to see whats in store for Banjo-Threeie... whenever its coming out on the Xbox360