Wtf? what's wrong with you people ? saying that this game sux ? really retar*ed No offense

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Oh dear lord, wtf is wrong with this world, I'm just asking WTF IS WRONG WITH THE GAME?, yes it's not as good looking as the original, but it's better in every other f**king aspect,

Well this is a very good looking game, perhaps not as good looking as crysis 1 in c2 some of the buildings in the distance are just pictures,and the draw distance is worse, but it's still a fantastic looking one, the sound design is also fantastic, and the guns sound authentic, and after a while you know the weapons by they're sound, The voice acting is hit and miss sometimes, but still a convincing one,

Ok here everyone bi**hes about the game, because it's not as wide open, now my question is, why the f**k would you want a super wide game ?, when i played the original it just didnt give me the feel of progression!, Crysis 2 plays on a smaller scale, but that doesnt mean that it isnt superior to it's predecessor, the combat is way more fun, and the levels are also tall, compared to crysis 1, and again i'm asking why would you need super wide levels ? what's the point of them if you have nothing to do there.....in c2's second half there are open battles with huge playgrounds, both wide and tall,the suit's upgrades add also a rpg element which is just great, and the game still keeps that crysis feel!and i'm fine with the new suit modules, because i never used strenght in the 1st one, so i think that it's a great way to make ppl use it, and now we have visors :D, they comes the thing that doesnt really work, cover system, it works most of the time, you cant lean left behind a car because the game doesnt want you to do it, the places where it works are very limited, but that's a pretty small complain....the a.i is also hit and miss, sometimes the soldiers will realisticly flank you and make your life a living-hell, but sometimes they wont react to being hit, or just run into each other, the aliens are smarter however, and they'll jump around things, quickly flank you, hit cars, etc..

Oh well it gets to a slow start, but seeing people infected just gives you chilles sometimes and draws you in the story, further in the game, the invasion in spot on, and you'll see some amazing cutscenes and an ending that you'll never see coming

This is my main complain with the game, they have no powerstruggle :(, it's understandable that it wont run on consoles, but they could just release it to pc, make a few more models and there you go, but no, they said, we'll go with a cod copy -.-, but the nanosuit powers are avalible here, just like in it's prequel, but there are some several balance issues, but the Mp is still a lot of fun

+Gameplay, tall levels, Graphics, great 2nd half of the game, sound effects,

-Multiplayer, a few bugs, hit and miss A.i.

Multiplayer 8.9
Overall 9.25 ( so from my knowledge that's a 9.5)

This is a great game, and we have appreciate the effort put into it, you know why we got a Demo?, because CryTek listen to us, you know why we'll get a dx11 patch?( yes it's confirmed) Because we asked for it !, yes i agree it has consolized some of it's features, but it's still a great pc game, and a superior to it's predecessor