Fun. Amazing.

This game is great. I love it. It's fairly easy at first but the difficulty increases after awhile so it's not just plain easy all the way through. The boss battles are fun. Figuring them out can be hard but once you do it's easy to beat them. Another thing i like about it is that you pick your own missions and weapons to use on them. I think that was a great improvement. The nice thing is that it's so flex-able. After you beat single-player, you might want to do it again, or you might think that the fun's over. Well there are over 1,000 maps you can download for the game and TONS of mods. You can get weapon changes, swords, new playable characters, and lots more. Plus if you ever decide you don't like a mod you can remove it very easily. Here's a site where you can download stuff for it: www.jk3files.com Another nice thing about the game is that you can pick whether your a good guy or turn to the dark side, only sad thing about it is that the choice is near the end.