dang i cant stop! must stop playing!

The gameplay hasn't changed that much. You move the monkeys with your analog stick and pray he doesn't roll off the edge. The game has been simplified so that the youngest of gamers can understand it. Super Monkey Ball 2 is designed so a 11 year old can play it and have as much fun as a 43 year ikd unemployed social worker. There are mainly 3 sections in the game, Main Game, Party Games, and Options.

The Main Game option contains Story Mode, Challenge mode, and Practice Mode. This option alone is worth buying the game.

Story Mode is where you try to stop Dr. Bad-Boon and his assistant in their tracks. The plot is kind of corny especially hearing Dr. Bad-Boon chuckling and laughing (*shudders*) all of the time. He sounds like the Zerg Cerebrate from Starcraft talking backwards. Well, in story mode you go through 10 fun0filled levels to get trough one world with a total of 10 monkey filled beautiful worlds. When you get through one world you get to see all your hard work pay off. A movie clip of the monkeys dancing and chanting "Ei-Ei-Poo". No really I'm not kidding. In Super Monkey Ball when you would get through several courses you would get a large amount of points so you can unlock party games. In Super Monkey Ball 2 this isn't the case. To unlock just one new party game you would probably just have to beat the game once. It's a long and gruesome task but someone has to do it! Another change to the Story Mode is that there is only one type of difficulty. One thing that really ticks me off is the "No Game Over" change! I mean it makes it easier for my novice friends to beat the game However this could be a good thing for people who can't seem to keep their hands still.