Quantum of Solace offers little surprises but is still a fun game for a while.

Quantum of Solace had plenty of potential, Call of Duty gun-play mixed with Rainbow Six Vegas cover system should be a recipe for a brilliant game. However this is quite far from the case. When I started up the first mission the first thing I noticed was the visuals looked quite grainy close up, but apart from that they were adequate. The shooting mechanics were good and ultimately satisfying. Though the enemy AI wasn't really that brilliant and killing them was very easy, especially in cover where it was practically impossible to get shot. The campaign did play well but was too short.

Now the multiplayer is where some of the biggest problem of the game lie. The maps were average but didn't spring any surprises. There was a lack of customisation, and even though it has the same developers as Call of Duty the way the character models look are appalling. The repetitive dialogue of "I'm empty" and "Proximity mine planted" were a real bore and started to really get on my nerves. After a while I abandoned the multiplayer and went back to COD.

Definitely rent this before you purchase.