Looks like an XNA game but plays incredibly well

I had no clue how Heavy Weapon would turn out so without hesitation I downloaded the trail version was simply hooked. Once I loaded the game and started playing I wasnt able to quit. Its extremely addicting. It plays like a straight up arcade shooter where enemies rain down upon your tank while you continue to press forward while demolishing armies of militia. And to add on top of an awesome game how bout adding online multiplayer that you can play with up to 3 other players...as a team. I havent had this much fun in survival mode in a long time. But thanks to the great multiplayer 15 mins in survival mode blows by quickly and brings you back for more. Plus bring in the addition of being able to upgrade weapons such as having homing missles as well as lightning bolts and cannons attached. I understand where GS is saying about the repetative bosses, but even so, you cannot deny how addicitive this game gets once you get into it.