Rome: Total war is an epic strategy game with a lot of EPICNESS!

Rome: Total War is an epic strategy game with incredible depth and scale. This must certainly be one of the games that I have spent most time on playing, its fun, addictive, and somewhat historically correct (though there is some things that are not correct).

I am one of those persons that like the history of mankind, and I dare to say that a game like this do take you beyond your imaginations of being an emperor of Rome or perhaps a tribal king of the Gauls who is trying to defeat the Romans.

The gameplay on the Imperial Campaign map is turn-based and richly detailed with lots of diplomats, cities, assassins, soldier-units and much more. You can propose trade agreements, alliances, military accesses and so on. In other words you find the strategic depth of games like Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron etc. The most impressive part of the game must be the real-time strategy battle engine, it's graphically stunning (somewhat stunning even these days) and the sound quality must be one of the better out there. The battle engine is available to show thousands of units in 3d (not the flat ones of the past total war games) and this give you the real feel of an epic battle.

There is so much to say about a game of this size, but I only recommend you to play it because you have to experience it yourselves, words can't tell how good this game are.

I hope my little review made you people out there who haven't played it yet to get a copy and become the ruler you have always imagined!