Solid story and voice acting, though gameplay still struggles to be PSP friendly.

Call me crazy, but I liked this game.

The game mechanics are similar to Coded Arms, and like Coded Arms I found the default control scheme to be too imprecise. I switched to control scheme D, and found it quite workable. The lock-on feature helps overcome the PSP's lack of a second analog stick.

The story was involved enough to be worthy of the Ghost in the Shell name, and the voice acting by the TV cast was solid. Am I the only one who appreciates the humor and irony of an armored killing machine speaking with the voice and vocabulary of a naive child? I don't have a problem with the Tachikoma's squeaky voices; I think they're rather funny.

A few levels were annoying: being forced to board the Tachikoma to uses Thermoptic camo and being trapped on a slow elevator with a Tachikoma who doesn't understand the "hold position" order bugs, but overall this was a fun jaunt into the GitS world.