If you're into realism, or looking for something new in a shooter, this is the game for you.

In a world with First Person Shooters like the Call of Duty series, Counter-Strike, and the Battlefield Franchise, one company was brave enough to stand up among them and do something completely different. Tripwire stood up, and to me, should be noticed by gamers.

Tripwire uses the Unreal Engine, which is a superb one. This game stands out amongst all shooters, because it is a very realistic game. You can get killed in one hit by a well-placed pistol round. You are forced to use the sights, unless you want to blindly shoot, and the way I see it, you must use teamwork to win the rounds.

Although a lot of gamers see this as a burden, I see it as a great blessing. Using cover and real-life tactics will get you everywhere in Red Orchestra. However, the forcing of realism upon players might be intimidating, or even frustrating to some gamers. Especially those who are used to games like Counter-Strike.

The sound of this game is incredible. I feel like I'm in a battlefield. The guns sound great, and the only sounds in the game are what is being made by the players. If a sniper shoots in the distance, you'll hear it. There are no ambient gunshots, artillery blasts, yells, or explosions, unless added into a modded map.

The gameplay is pretty much advance and conquer. You must use your sights to be an accurate shot, but spray and pray can also come in handy at point-blank. However, the realism makes it fun to play, if you're into that sort of thing in a first person shooter.

The graphics are pretty bad, by recent standards. Although it does use an older engine, it is still a little hard to look at sometimes. The graphics are a bit grainy, which makes it hard to spot enemies sometimes, but this won't be too great of a problem.

Another bad thing is it requires Steam activation even through a box purchase, and you need to be logged into Steam to use it. However, downloading, installing, and registering with Steam doesn't take too long (if you have a good connection).

The online community ranges from lousy players to awesome players. However, unless you truly abide to the realism of the game, you will be amongst the lousy players. Act how you would in real life in this game. Conserve ammunition, use cover, interact with teammates, and use the Four F's.

I recommend this game to anyone who is in the mood for a great realistic shooter, or in the mood for something new.