This Expansion Pack makes the Delta Force: Black Hawk Down harder and better game!!!

I remember i first heard about this game a bit after i bought the original BHD game and i was so excited and from that moment i turned to be a "gamer". I was so excited to see the Buggy vehicles and the Jungle Uniform and i so wanted to play the game!!!
I remember that the day after i installed the game there was a little earthquake in Israel (nothing happenes).

The game has 2 Campaigns. The Colobmia and the Iran as both of them has the same amount of levels.

The Graphic is of course the same since it's an EP as well as the sound but the gameplay is so much different now. the AI has been improved (a bit) makes the game harder only 3 new weapons (German made) which for some reason has better reloadingas you see yourself cock it while the rest of the guns lack the cocking when you reload the weapon. You can, in addition to the Delta and the 10th Division, to be a SAS Commando for one cool mission (The 1st mission of the Iran campaign). And also there's a part in that mission where you can OR destroy all the ships silencly and smoothly and by that when you'll reach the beach you won't find a platoon of soldiers waitng for you but if the ships finds you before you find them there'll be an alarm that will set the platoon to come and fight with you. There also few incidents like this in the game that make for you 2 ways to complete the objective!!!

The Jungle missions are Hard because you to fight agains tens of rebels everytime The missions are also as i said before are much more varied which is good and the missions aren't repeatable which is also good but the graphic and sound are same as they were before which mean the ARE repeatable...VERY repeatable...

In addition to the vehicles from the last game you'll have a Special Boat and a special Helicopter. The game has about the same length as the first one but it's better than the first one even though the missions aren't real as they were in the first game but it's still highly recommended game as the Multiplayer mode is still awesome with more maps and options.