Lots of fun just like the 360

User Rating: 7.9 | Fight Night Round 3 PS3
This is pretty much the same game as the 360 version. A few new annimations and whatnot but the graphics look almost identical. Unfortunately I will have to rate this one lower than the 360 version because of the muliplay and no achievements. If you havent played the game on the 360 then you will absolutely love this game. For the rest of us its merely been there done that.

Graphics - 9
Solid graphics make it feel like the real deal. Wonderful facial expressions.

Sound - 8
I would like more variety in the commentary and different soundtrack. Rest of the game is pretty solid though.

Value - 8
Its pretty short lived if your good at the game. You can have all the titles in just a few days. The game doesnt get too hard until your boxer starts to age and slows down.