Good graphics + good controls = a good game

Never played a Syphon Filter game, but if the older ones are like this one then I need to go and get them. Controls are easy to use and I wish that other developers will follow this example. Graphics are nicely done. A little bit of a problem with frame rate at times. Load times are not too long. Good story line that keeps you interested in the game. You can play as a run and gun or as a stealth, so you can play it over once you have finished the first time around. Wish there were more areas to collect ammo for your weapons. Sometimes I run out of ammo at the wrong time. Favorite thing to do is to use the stun gun on someone until they catch on fire!!!! :) It is a good game that doesn't drag and the cut scenes are actually fun to watch because the graphics are so good. Am I watching a movie or playing a game? Just go out and buy it already!!!!! And I have not even played the multi-player side yet!!!!