One of the best Zelda games. Only second to Ocarina of Time.

This has to be in my Top 4 games on the Wii and definitely on my Top 10 games of all time. This was my 2nd 3D Zelda game that i ever played and it was more than i expected it to be. The user ratings for the game are very accurate and good. In the game you take the form of a human (not link) but looks and seems very much like him. The game play is addictive and always keeps you on your toes. The new wolf from is welcoming and is presented very well. Fighting in wolf never really seemed to get boring to me for some reason even though it can be repetitive. As you progress through the game you can do different things in wolf form and do different attacks (with Midna helping you). Midna is also a new, surprising, mysterious, and very dynamic character.--spoiler alert--- Theirs this part that makes the game more memorable when she almost dies and you have to go through hyrule and get to Zelda to save her (sounds kind of stupid but its a lot better when you do it yourself). "Link" has a lot of new and welcomed weapons which add variety and surprise to the game ranging from "spider man-like" claws that allow you to climb from place to place to a big flail, spike ball weapon that you can use to take down huge enemies.I myself have spent 45hours on the game and that is very good for a game. I would definitely recommend this to any Wii owner; Zelda fan or not.