Better than GameSpot gives it credit for

User Rating: 8.9 | Fight Night Round 3 PSP
The graphics in this game are very good for the boxers and arenas. The fans aren't very detailed, but it's not that big a deal. Graphics = 8
The sound is actually pretty good for a sports video game. The grunts and noises the boxers make are cool. And the soundtrack seems to fit really well. Sound = 8
This game is pretty lengthy, so you'll get a lot of playing time out of it, but also it has online, which is a plus. Also, the create a boxer part is flat out unbeleivable. You can customize everything. And i mean everything. The price tag is 40 instead of 50, which helps too. Also, I got a coupon in the mail so that when I bought it I would get double for all the games I traded in, so it ended up actually being free. Value = 10 (11 for me)
The angle is perfect. When I first started playing and moving around the ring, everything just seemed so natural and real. The way that the camera moves in this game is great. Tilt = 10
I enjoy the gameplay, and even though I'm not a boxing fan I really like this game. However, the AI on this game is very predictable. So that's what brings this score down. For me, the controls weren't a problem at all. In fact, I thought they were a good thing. Gameplay = 8