Yes it is a Great game, very realistic, and the controls don't suck.

User Rating: 9.4 | Fight Night Round 3 PSP
When I first heard that Fight Night Round 3 was going to be on PSP I was extremely excited. I mean, there are no other next gen portable boxing games. After thinking it over I started to have second thoughts. "Would the controls be alright," "would the graphics be up to par," "Will the PSP version have all of the features the other versions would." The simple answer to that is, YES. This game includes all the features of its console big brothes including career mode and online play. The Online play is through EA Sports Nation, EA's new way of making EA Sports games online. First you need to create an account and enter a few things like your email, Country, Age, and Zip code. Once that is done you just go to infrastructure mode on your Fight Night game, connect, and start beating the crap out of people.

Fight Night Round 3 also includes many features Round 2 did not like new boxers and better visuals. Some of the new boxers include Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Patterson. One of the few downsides to the PSP version of FNR3 is the time it takes to load. You never lag during a fight but it can sometimes take awhile to load up fights. The Sound is very ralistic and EA's cutman system makes healing cuts and bringing down swelling fun.

So pretty much what i'm trying to say is, BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!