When you hit your opponent you will know you've hit your opponent!

User Rating: 9.2 | Fight Night Round 3 X360
Wow,this game,the gameplay is mind blowing.Never in a boxing sim game have I ever experienced hitting my opponent in the nose and actually feeling the impact of the hit.With "new" cinematic look to the game this is definately a ground breaking game for the Xbox360,EA sports and video gaming as we know it today.In career mode I fought in middleweight division,the first two fights are kinda of slow and repetitious.Once you start making your way up the ranks,you definately must start using what you practiced in the training gym.Haymakers and instant knockouts won't work as well as you start fighting more experienced fighters.If anything you wear your fighter out and probably set him up to be knocked out himself from lack of discipline with his punches.The only hang up that I did have is when you have your opponent on the ropes,a matter of two or three combo hits will knock him out.All you have to do is move in quickly to finish him off,for some reason the controller is a little slow to make this move.Sometimes giving your opponent a chance to regain a little bit of his stamina.The graphics are wonderful,when you hit you opponent or are on the receiving end of a punch.You will see hair,nose,eyes,face,and lips move with the blow from the punch.Fight Round 3 seems to move a little slower than Fight Night Round 2 but it is a minor annoyance that you will forgive EA for.
Definately a must have for Xbox360 video game collection even if you are not a boxing fan.It gets a 9.2 out of 10