Solid gameplay with fun creat a boxer mode.

User Rating: 9 | Fight Night Round 3 PS3
Well I've been boxing for a few years so it is second nature to be interested in boxing games. I have been playing fight night since the series started and I have to say that the 3rd time's the charm. This game is the best in the series. First off, I have to say the graphics are superb especially if you have an hdtv, it will still look beautiful on a standard television. The boxer models are very detailed and you can see the sweat and spit and everything. What I love about this game is that when you get a hay maker punch, the opponent spits out their well spit and their mouth guard and you actually feel the punch. Everything is life like. The create a boxer mode is a great career mode. You start off with creating your boxer then you train him and you fight to earn money and buy new gear. It is very well done and the training mini games are cool. The only problem with this game is that the load times are super long but that is the only fault with this game. The controls are hard the first time but you get used to them and you can do some serious damage with the right joy stick which controls the types of punches. Even if you don't like boxing, this is a superb sports game which I recommend to all.