It's hard for me to say, but McRae series turned into RallySport clone and not a good one.

There are many things that make it a good game, but there are few small things that completely cancel out that good vibe the moment you start to play it.

This is not just a rally game anymore; it's a huge mix of various events (although WRC is still present here). My guess that it was done to appeal to broader audience, unfortunately it means that game had to give up all its "McRae" title and become "DiRT".

Game looks phenomenal and damage model is very fun and unique. You can't just enter the turn full speed and hope to slide on the divider, all objects are destructible. Car damage is very well implemented as well, but you can read about this in other reviews.

Here comes the worst part – controls. PC game gives you a variety of ways to tweak it, problem is that they forgot the most important one – steering sensitivity (I kid you not, it's not there). So no matter how hard you would try to adjust sensitivity (you have to use external software that comes with your controller); you still will not get it right. How does it translate into a game play? Slightest move with you joystick/wheel will cause your car to do 180 turn, which makes it impossible to keep car straight in fast segments of track or just to try and make lane change. Cars also have "arcady" feel to them, meaning there's almost no weight associated with them. I read a review and person compared cars to hovercrafts and it's just what it feels like to drive any car in DiRT.

After few hours of trying to tweak the controls of the game I just gave up. I tried to get used to this super sensitive style of driving, but then I just said "I paid good money for it and why should I suffer and waste my time, because devs did not include sensitivity adjustment?" I just removed game and moved on.