A true benchmark in the next-generation of consoles...

I eagerly picked up Gears of War on Nov. 8th at my local Eb Games. I usually dismiss any hype surrounding any media, and games are no different. But as I took this home, I couldn't help but wonder if I got caught up in all of the hype? I have never before this, but this hype was different. Even more than Halo 2 in some ways. I popped the DVD into my pre-warmed 360 and waited for the start-up menu. After that I could not put it down. Everything about this game screams next-gen, from the graphics, to the innovative cover system, all the way to the kick-ass guns. You start off as Marcus Fenix, an imprisoned convict, bailed out by his old army mates, in a desperate attempt to save the world from the advancing Locust army. Kind of a cliche story, but it plays much like an action movie. Naturally, I wasn't expecting much of a story with Gears. It was there, but it didn't really enhance anything. It was what it was and there was no character backround info or anything to further the plot, just big, hulking guys kickin' some ass. As you progress, you realize just how great this game is.

Gameplay, graphics, presentation, weapons, all are just awesome. Then you get to the multiplayer! Oh man, lemme tell ya! Just incredible! It only supports 8 player, but in the end, that's all it needs to. This is a tactical shooter, not a run-n-gun, so 8 is plenty. The gametypes are wicked and the way the maps are designed give you alot of chances to use the chainsaw bayonet on the main rifle. That's right, a chainsaw, and trust me, it never gets old hacking down someone online! The cover system is brilliant. It is easy to use and it the basis for the game. If you just run and gun, like Halo, you will die...alot. It is clever and just plain great.

In other words, why are you still here! Go pick it up because believe me, it is worth the hype, and then some!