Not a lot of innovation added to this sequel but why mess up a great thing

Soul Calibur 2 is in my opinion the best and most accessible fighting game available. If you want to grab a controller and just mash buttons it can be fun because of the wonderful graphics and the awesome looking moves you can pull off. But also if your the hardcore fighting fan you will love the chess match that each fight can become between 2 skilled veterns. Soul Calibur offers plenty of playable characters and Spawn in this version is an excellent addition. This games characters are very balanced which leads to fair fights, well depending on each players skills. What I feel sets this game apart from other fighters is your freedom of movement, other games let you move in a 360 motion but none do it as flawlessly as Soul Calibur. Namco has done almost everything right with this sequel, I say almost because the single player has not evolved to where it should be. Trying to unlock stages, costumes and characters can become an arduous task when all you really want is to play multiplayer anyway. I am not saying the single player is totally busted but the AI is not all that great and most of the missions repeat themselves only a little harder. Great game but if you don't have a friend to play with on a regular basis you may what to just rent this game.