This Game is just…..unique……and awsome!!!

If you have been following any of my other game reviews then you should already know that I haven't gave a game a 10 out of 10 before…..some were really close to it but now…..well….this game has a story….and it must be told to everyone…..

Ill start off with which I want to say…..this game is just unique it dosent take anything from any other game and totally recreates the way games should be made. The free roam experience and the ability to actually KILL anyone you want is just unbelievable I love history and that's why I found this game so much fun.

I was a total fan of the movie Kingdom of Heaven so when I heard that they would be coming out with something that actually has to do with Jerusalem I was In shock and wondered how this game would even look and play like so now ill really begin.

Ill gets to the story first, if you have seen different movies about medieval times and about King Arthur or anything like that and have an Xbox 360 you will probably love this game just because it has to do with Jerusalem, the game takes place during the Third Crusade, in the year 1191. The player assumes the role of Altair, ("The Flying One") and your basic objective is to kill all nine historical characters who are propagating the Crusades sounds cool doesn't it?

When the game begins, Christian King, Richard the Lionheart, has just recaptured the port city of Acre from occupying Muslims. With a base of operations established, the Crusaders prepare to march south. Their true target is Jerusalem – which they intend to recapture for Christianity. However, Saladin, leader of the Islamic army, currently rules the city. Stinging from his army's defeat at Acre, he will not allow Richard to humiliate him again. The Muslim forces are massing in the ruins of Arsuf, intending to ambush the Crusaders and prevent them from reaching Jerusalem but I wont give any more details sorry if I spoiled anything ^^"

There is also some sort of sci-fi story that goes along with the plot as well but I wont give out any spoilers but something does happen with the future as well, so now a lot of older people will like it so they can find out about the historical cause which is actually great since games now are getting the sense that people like great stories back like 1000 years ago.

Now when it comes to the game play…there were some worries about it but I am here to tell you….dont listen to them the game play is actually really smooth and fits in with our flying bird character, ill get to the controls after but you basically have four types of weapon's Throwing knives, A Short Sword, A hidden Blade and although I haven't seen the crossbow yet im pretty sure it's a weapon since its always on my back lol
You will also notice that it has similar game play to The Prince of Persia, well you are a master assassin and also PoP was made by Ubisoft as well so it does take the element of climbing up walls and running around and everything. This game also has the free roam feature which is incredible!!! You just look so cool walking around the streets of Jerusalem and then all of a sudden a beggar comes up to you and asks for some money. Be Nice? NAH I freaking stabbed her and ran away,

There is a alarm system so if you kill someone you have to hide for a certain amount of time until it goes blue then you have to conceal yourself in the streets and blend in until your alright…..or you can just stay out and continue to kill people and guards ^^.

People will always and usually get in your way but you can actually just push them out of the way or throw them down to the ground and continue going along or if one of them follows you….you can always kill them….just a suggestion lol

Now with the controls this was the biggest thing people were worried about, the controls are a bit odd all the buttons are apart of Altair body B is right arm, X is left arm, Y is your head and A are your feat. Long time gamers won't have much trouble and should be able to get a grasp of it quite quickly but newcomers will probably have troubles at first but my friend was playing it and he doesn't really play games and he DIED like 5 times until he started to jump around…..and kill people…..then continue to kill people.

So if you aren't a big gamer but you want this game just be careful you won't get the controls at the start but if you continue to play you will be able to play better and continue to be better.

Now the graphics are outstanding to me!! All the characters look really real and a lot of them have different emotes which is also a nice feature. When you get on top of the roof of a building and look around you might actually stay there for a while just to look at the scenery.

Overall This game is an outstanding in Visual, Game play, and story, the controls are a bit shaky but you will get over them and enjoy yourself as you run around the streets of Jerusalem and continue to assassinate 9 historical figures of the time…..or you can assassinate anyone….REMEMBER JUST A SUGGESTION lol have fun guys!!!