One Sorry game.

User Rating: 2.3 | FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006 X360
This is one game to rent for the weekend. Everything in the game is disappointing.

Graphics = F. The menu graphics are impressive as are the stadiums in pre kick-off. The in game graphics are terrible. I have a 50" LG HD Plasma TV and I should be able to tell players apart by the way they look but I cannot. Sure, I can tell the difference between Zidane and Henry but Henry and Treguzet look the same. To further enhance the problem of player identification, the players name appears at the bottom of the screen, away from the player. This makes it difficult to keep an eye on who has the ball while playing at the same time. Ideally, the players name should appear beneath them.

Game play = D. The poor gameplay really takes away from this game. EA really should have just ported FIFA 2006 over to this platform and used international teams instead of club teams. Granted, FIFA 2006 had it''s issues and needed some tweaking but this gameplay is awful. The game play not only makes the game barely enjoyable but makes playing on line completely pointless. Between the server lag and the cheesing on line play really isn't that much fun.

Features = C. The game does what it's supposed to do. The thought of taking a team through their regions qualifying rounds and through to the World Cup is exciting and this is what the game provides. There are friendlies, etc. along the way that help. You also earn points along the way to spend unlocking things in the EA shop like historic players, 3rd kits, balls, etc. One nice feature is the ability to use unlocked historic players while playing on line. Nothing like breaking out Beckenbaur and Voller when you jump on line...until your opponent starts cheesing you to death.

Overall. I really wish I would have rented this game for the weekend instead of buying it. I really hope FIFA 2008 has nothing in common with the game.