This is the best soccer game I have played in my entire life!!!

User Rating: 8.8 | FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006 X360
This is the best soccer game ever!!
I've played all the Fifa's Games since Fifa Soccer 1996, and this is the soccer game that I'va liked better, I Like to play with Germany, Sweden or Italy, the characters of this teams look pretty much the same to the real football player, Congratulations Electronic Arts for this Masterpiece of soccer franchise, the music is amazing, I like Aloha (Wari Boom), Big City Life, Never Win, Tijuana Makes Me Happy, and the Sergio Mendez's song...
So, the bottom line is that I recommend you to buy this game or if you already have it to play it, because this really is a beautiful game, i was amazed when I played it for the first time, but the price for all 360's games seems high, very high, 60 dollars?? PLEASE, lower it a little don't you think.
So, thanks for your time, I hope you enjoyed reading this review and take care.
See you later!!