An Actually great soccer game that have awesome presentation and great online and offline modes.

User Rating: 8.6 | FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006 X360
I have never really been a big soccer game fan, but I wanted my first experience with a soccer game to be a good one. EA's FIFA brand has always been associated with decent soccer games and after looking over the reviews for both FIFA06' and World Cup, I decided to go with the WC edition because it got better grades. I must say that World Cup 2006 edition is actually very well designed, the presentation is very good looking. The graphics are on par with what I have seen from EA's next-gen games, the character models look pretty overly muscular but that really doesn't mean much, just something that I wanted to point out. The sound and music are also pretty good, the comentators are well spoken and interesting to listen to see understand what is going on, although it does it somewhat boring after a wile. The gameplay is also very smooth, its easy to pick up and play without really knowing all of the moves and tricks. One thing that really stood out, there is a huge selection of teams to play as, this is one factor that helps the other modes out, such as the challenge mode that allows you to play seniaros between rival teams and such. Overall, FIFA World Cup 2006 is an actually really good sports game, and a very well made soccer simulator.