NHL 2K7 is an enjoyable hockey game but doesnt take the franchise in a new direction.

The NHL 2K series has been the better of the hockey games over the last few years. They have beaten the EA series in sales and quality with each year's game. Both series' are now getting older, while EA has tried some new things like the skill still, 2K has stuck with the same old formula over the last few years and it is starting to show its effects.

NHL 2K7 is another game of hockey to add to the ongoing franchise of hockey games by 2K sports. Last year's game was good but it didn't have many new features, except for the goalie control which was only playable om the xbox 360 version of the game. NHL 2K7 is still an enjoyable game of hockey, but the formula that 2K sports has been using over the last couple of games is starting to get old. The gameplay is basically the same as last year's, a very realistic hockey sim but the game still has its problems. Some examples are: When a player gets a major injury he'll be gone for 1 shift and then come back, but when you get back to the franchise/season mode screen you'll see that the player is out for a lengthy period of time. Another problem is that if you have last minute real time on and you take a penalty with say 42 seconds left. The period will end and then the next period will start and the penatly will go slow time, even though the clock might move at accellerated time. The gameplay is still solid though even though its got problems and its kind of getting old. Despite the old-school gameplay the game does have a lot of playable modes, there are a countless amount of mini-games followed by a very good franchise mode. You won't find yourself looking for something to do in NHL 2K7. The presentation for this game is decent but does have noticable problems. The graphics are pretty bad, they haven't changed much from last year and the crowd is still 2d. The framerate also gets sketchy sometimes and this is very bad for the game. The game does sound exceptionally good though. It features a good soundtrack that matches the game. The commentary is pretty weak though and they will often say the same things in a game. Its a mystery of why 2K swapped Bob Cole and Harry Neale for the old commentary crew for the ESPN games.

NHL 2K7 is still a very good game of hockey, but it doesn't have enough new features to attract new gamers into the game. If you're a fan of the series go out and buy this game, but if your still looking for a hockey game to meet all of your needs then you might want to give this game a rental