The best of what Nintendo (and Sega and Konami now) have to offer, Brawl will keep you busy. However...

I hold the Super Smash Bros series very dear to my heart. One of my favourite series of all time, and indeed one of the best. Brawl comes to us as this generations Smash fest, and just like Melee, it is an improvement. Every aspect of the series has been improved, technically all around.

The Wii is bittersweet in my opinion, but Brawl holds true to the gamers. By far, Brawl is the best looking Smash and most fluent animations. Character designs are at their best, and different skins look cooler (you can be Dark Link, which looks cooler than normal Link).

The music is so cool. Nice epic chanting pieces and over all really neat music alterations to all the characters natural tunes. Sound effects are fantastic (as usual) with the appropriate sounds for each character, such as Sonics signature jumping sound.

As for the brawlin itself, best yet. Each characters fighting style feels unique. You'll want to try everyone to find who suits you best for when you must pwn your friends, and then you'll want to just play as everyone to just have fan. This Smash feels more frantic than previous iterations. Its good and bad though, fights feel faster, and you can die easier as some levels have some rather devious traps.

Now, the Subspace Emissary is the new adventure mode. Upon first glance its a wonderful old school action platformer. Then 4 hours in, your bored and only 40% done it. It gets boring and its bloated. Its too long and crammed full of characters then are mixed with each other. No real story either, they just start fighting. Its not bad by far, its old school and tons of fun. But once you've beaten it, it feels like a chore. Most of the boss battles are tons of fun, but the final one is just annoying (annoying isn't the same as tough, too bad game designers won't accept that).

When playing Brawl (assuming you've played previous iterations and other side scrolling romps) it feels very nostalgic, old school, and not so new. Thats a good thing though, for the Wii this is a breather form all the revolutionizing casual games that involve waging the remote left and right. I prefer to use the GC controller myself.

There are plenty of modes, characters, levels and trophies to keep you and your Wii busy. In fact, if you own a Wii and don't own SSBB, then give your Wii to someone who will buy SSBB, because your wasting a perfectly good Wii.