One hell of an overrated crap game.

Simply, the first 3 levels (cells, animal and tribal) where kinda cool, very cool.
But the designing was too childish, and like designing tanks & ships, its too simple, designing 3 guns, and only 1 stupid bullet comes out, very stupid.
While the city defense turrets shoot machine gun bullets!
How incomplete.

Then this "space" fase.
Wtf, cant even customize your own weapons for your ship, cause there are these STOCK weapons for you.
There is no game physic at all in this game.
Way too easy, and you cant even do everything, only 1 ship, and some random friends which show up, and you cant even land your ship and see your cities growing and all, in the space fase you can only fly in space and beam things up, thats all, the strategy is long gone then.

Designing your creatures was pure fun, but there where a lot of missing styles and concepts, making only childish creatures.

EA Promised much, but gave crap.