Same old school, fun but...

User Rating: 7 | FIFA Street 2 PS2
Don't waste your time on playing this game so seriously because it's only worth when you have a friend come over at your place and you ask him to duel in this game.

Playing alone only challenge is rule the street you make a new character and upgrade him until he be "the boss of soccer". The difficulty is a headache when you have to memorize some trick because some task have to done with that trick. And a great control is really needed in this game , to score is really no matter but to finish each task is a little hard.

The overall is OK and the music is a lot better than FIFA Street , it encourages you a bit to play FIFA Street 2.

Why you play it :
1. a fans of soccer or CR7
2. bored of Winning eleven or PES
3. want to see a magnificent street soccer trick
4. to duel with your mate or buddy

why you rent it first :
1. so you don't waste a lot of your money
2. like i said first its not gonna last long