why you people be hatin' ?

Everyone who doesnt give this game a 9+ score is obviously a loser who got beat up by football players in high school. Madden 07 is no doubt the paramount of the franchise, incoorperating what we love about the old games while throwing in some new goodies. The graphics are crisp and sleek like a brand new scooter on a hot summer day. As accurate to actual NFL players as modern technology allow, the state of the art picture allows gamers and fans alike to get as close to playing an NFL football game as they ever will (with the exception of the .000001% of the population who happens to be jacked, skilled, and tricky enough to conceal their steroids to actually play pro). Wow! However, gameplay is still the best part. An in depth franchise mode, superstar mode at every position, and the new training camp activities will keep anyone occupied for months. This doesnt include the tons of hours of mutliplayer this game provides. The most epic moment of my life have been close madden games, and dont lie, yours are too, Madden is one of the few series, along with Mario, Halo, Zelda, etc. that can be considered legendary. Respect.