not goty nominee worthy

overall: this game got great reviews but its not that fun. its only fun for about an hour or two then it gets boring. at the beginning of the game you will be overwhelmed and confused. i know i was.the animation is great.

cars: the cars are pretty cool and fast. there are 3 different kind of cars strength,stunt and speed. i recommend driving strength cars. i hate the speed cars because you have to wait until the boost meter is filled and then use it if you let go of the boost before its done then you have to wait until its filled. i also hate speed cars because they are really weak.

music: the music sucks really bad.
map: the map is really confusing. during races its hard to notice turns. the map is ineffective and when your lost it really doesn't help.

licenses: as you win races your license is upgraded (d-elite) as your license gets upgraded you have to win more races to progress.

Races: there are many races in burnout paradise such as marked man,stunt run,speed, takedown, and many others.

online: the online is really fun. Instead of menu screens to choose races, you just join an existing party and drive around in free roam with them until someone creates an event.