the game it self is very good maybe its fifa 12.5 but that doesn't matter bec even fifa 12 was copyed from 11

User Rating: 6.5 | FIFA Soccer 13 PC
maybe this is a copy of the last one like 12 was a copy from 11 but thats not the point 12 was the best soccer game ive ever played in the fifa series even though it had some bugs and lags and control problems at first but i was able to fix all that later and the lags and the shuttrleings was not that big and it was playable but a lil annoying and it was also fixable ... now in fifa 13 they promised us to fix 7 main proplems in the pc Version right now i can only see 1 pc proplem only ... the menu bottoms and controls then when i start playing after about 5 min the lagging and shuttering is all back and its even doubled now which make the game really unplayable and annoying to the limit of leaving the game that i want any one now to buy it from me bec i cant stand it really i cant stand it and every thing i tried to fix 12 was helpless in 13 so here they are just making a broken game for pc with nothing new and even more technical problems EA Sports Its a Broken Game