Right now FIFA is the best choice by far!I Thx for the great game!

User Rating: 10 | FIFA Soccer 13 PC
I been a fan of PES these years but these two last years FIFA is much better than PES has no comparison possible! PES is getting very good arcade for those who do not know what is football or for people between 10-16 years. Little matter to me if a game is konamy game, EA or another I want is an excellent game and FIFA is superb. Fortunately not care the brand or not so fanatic of a "brand", moved to the PES and now move to FIFA.EA is making great games and on the PES but still playable with a great help of patches that are not even the konamy that make it ... much better, but was a common game.I hope to improve much next year and return to being an alternative to FIFA and not the arcade games ..!I'm fascinated with the game is actually pretty good! The only con is that few do pachts of FIFA and also think I should have a few more stadiums and Portuguese as nonsense not think the stages of SLB and FCP emblematic two clubs, and have stadiums fabulous and beautiful!