EA Sports climbed up a notch with this year's FIFA.

User Rating: 9 | FIFA 13 PS3
When FIFA 12 first released, I thought "how will EA be able to come up with another game better than this one?". Last year's game was not only far from his predecessor (FIFA 11), but it was addictive and easy to play. This year's FIFA has jumped up a notch again with a lot of improvements (may that be big or small improvements) that allow the gameplay to be more fluid and realistic. Apart from the gameplay, the most important aspect of a FIFA game is the Career Mode. FIFA 13's Career Mode has been much improved (can't really go into details...) in so many aspects. In addition to that, this year's major addition is the Match Day feature which allows users to play teams with their actual form. Finally, my opinion on this game: if you really were impressed by FIFA 12 or you're a big FIFA fan, then I recommend you FIFA 13 without doubt.