Not As Groundbreaking As Its Predecessor, But Still An Enjoyable Game, which will get all Soccer fans hooked once again!

User Rating: 8 | FIFA Soccer 13 PC
FIFA12, which released a year ago, was a huge improvement over the previous version. The same can't be said for FIFA13. While its still a good game, it hasn't really changed much.

I purchased PES13 some weeks before FIFA13 came out. And while PES doesn't have the flash and substance that FIFA does, I found the game play more enjoyable. The matches were close. In FIFA legendary difficulty it gets really really annoying when you're dominating most game and suddenly at the end the opponents create chances out of nothing, your defense suddenly makes crazy mistakes and it gets really really annoying!

One really flawed aspect of FIFA13 is its ratings. Some of the ratings make no sense. Like Vidic with an 89 rating when he was injured for most of the season, whereas Kompany and Agger (2 of the top EPL defenders last season) received way less. Valdez (famous amongst anyone following Barcelona) is rated higher than Cech. While Gerrard who was England's best player at Euro 2012 gets a bad rating. Perhaps the one rating the teams is biased towards one or two teams... Luckily players can be edited!!!!

When FIFA has got almost every right graphically, with its presentation and overall look, I fail to see how it has once again overlooked the stadium crowd. They look like Paper cut-outs, and sometimes it feels the whole stadium is basically empty, even though it doesn't sound like it.

Career choices have been reduced from FIFA12. The Player-Manager option is no longer available. They've tweaked the Career mode a bit too though. You now have the option to exchange/trade players in the transfer window as part of a deal or a 1-1 trade. Which makes building your team up easier at times. Plus you can now manage an International Team (Country) that come with an offer, and the number of countries added are also more.

A small new addition are skill games. While the match loads, you now get a set of challenges to perform. Its quite fun and changes each time, from simple passing tests to dribbling around obstacles.

Another area where FIFA leads PES is the commentary. The commentary in FIFA13 is the best in any Sports game I've played yet. It plays out really well with regards to your team, your opponents as well as the tournament/arena. PES really lacks in this aspect.

If only we could have a game with the best of PES and the best of FIFA in one.. Alas..

+Great Graphics
+Better Team/Transfer management in Career mode.
+Slightly better Impact Engine
+Some new additions like Skill Games
+Improved Commentary
+Still great fun.
+More official teams compared to PES13.

-Similar to its predecessor in many aspects.
-Doesn't play as fluidly as PES.
-2-D Crowd
-Senseless player ratings.
-Artificial and frustrating feel at times.

While the game has its drawbacks, its still a lot of fun. And FIFA lovers will still enjoy it.